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Developers for the Bel Air Village Development are expected to break ground this week. "We are seeing development in the commercial and retail sectors and those employees are going to need housing." Representatives for the project, which will be built near the intersection of FM 1417 and U.S. Highway 75, plan to hold a groundbreaking ceremony at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. While the history of Bel Air in Sherman dates back to around 2018, factors dating back further directly contributed to the project. The story of Bel Air begins with the development of Legacy Village on the southeast corner of the intersection in 2017. "The origin of Bel Air, I would say, really begins with the development of that corner — Legacy Village," Hefton said. "...When you combine what was going on in that part of town, with Legacy Village and Sherman Crossroads, that really puts that parcel on the map." In 2017, development started on two major projects on the corner of the intersection that would ultimately culminate into the Legacy Village Development. Mark Schulman, owner of Schulman's Movie Bowl Grille announced plans to build a Sherman location for his chain of movie theaters, effectively moving away from plans to build a location in Denison. Around this time, representatives with Douglass Distributing also announced plans to build a station on the hard corner. Developers with Bel Air Village have unveiled designs and plans for the new $500 million development. Hefton said other developments in the area, including Sherman Crossroads, also contributed to the continued development of Bel Air, but their influence came later as development on the other side of the highway began to pick up in 2018 and 2019.  "By 2018, there was vertical construction going on at Legacy Village," Hefton said. "Pad sites were being developed and conversations were ongoing not only with Mark Schulman but also Bill Douglass for his Lonestar Center at the corner." Around this time, developers began to express interest in other adjacent sites for development. In addition to the Legacy Village, development of the new Sherman High School also spurred interest in south Sherman and the FM 1417 corridor. As construction on Legacy Village continued, the tell-tale signs that more was to come became clear. Roads for future growth, including the start of Legacy Boulevard, were built into the infrastructure surrounding Legacy Village, even if construction was not yet ready to begin. While many features of the project have remained consistent over the years, some adjustments have been made due to the changing economic climate surrounding COVID-19. While plans for the development initially called for a hotel and conference center as a major anchor, city officials in 2020 said that portion of the project likely will not move forward in Bel Air. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we move away from that at the Bel Air site, for sure,” Hefton said in 2020.

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In order to view all images, please register and log in. This will also allow you to comment on our stories and have the option to receive our email alerts. Click here to register Spotted at the Trafford Retail Park in Manchester, UK, a reader has sent in a picture of a method of erecting signs using a loader crane that looks less than ideal. The picture shows two men in what was reported by our reader more bonuses as "a large plastic container" hanging from the hook of a loader crane with a set of chain slings. We have since been told that it was in fact made of steel and was Loler tested as a man basket. The men are suspended approximately seven metres off the ground. While it is not the worst attempt at creating a work platform we have ever seen, one has to wonder whether they had considered the capacity of the crate, given that it contains two grown men and possibly the fixings for a large sign. A less than safe method of erecting signs using a loader crane With such a wide range of purpose built access equipment readily available in the area, using what is widely considered to be a method of last resort would seem to be an unnecessary risk to take. One has to wonder if the managers of this retail Park approved it? As is often the case with the pictures we receive for our Death Wish series- the pair are donning safety helmets…but not using the safest form of access equipment. They probably have hi-viz this website vests on too? We find it hard to believe that the managers of a retail park, such as this would have signed off on an access method that could not have passed a normal risk assessment - unless it was a dire emergency and nothing else was available. Could it be one of these cases of accepting a low bid and then looking the other way? I guess we will never know. UPDATE: We are told via a comment that this was definitely not the case, and it seems that the contractor did carry out a thorough risk assessment We have argued on both sides of the debate over when and where to use a suspended man basket, this may well prove to be a good case study and part of a feature article on this subject that we are now planning for Cranes & Access magazine.